#KickstartThis: Weyhill and Wharf

Trends come and go, but the classics will live on forever. And what’s more classic than the O.C.B.D – oxford cloth button down.

Where we get interested – is when brands put their own spin on this stuff – which is why we were so excited to discover Weyhill and Wharf via Instagram.

The brand has set out to create a unique, high-quality oxford that sets itself apart from the other oxfords in your closet, with their first issue using a combination of vintage silk repp necktie designs and classic oxford cloth button downs.

The best part? They’re American made….no…even better…they’re New England made – partnering with a historic New England facility that has a reputation for excellence.

They have set a Kickstarter goal of $10,000 to begin to order new silk and oxford and fulfill orders. Above $25,000 and they will be able to expand their on-hand trim inventory.

Fund them here – and expect one of these amazing, American-made shirts at your door by mid/late September.

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